Here at Astonishing Cards, we understand that you might have some questions and queries about our products, orders and the printing process. For this reason, we have compiled a few questions and answers to make the ordering process faster.


What are the general design and artwork guidelines?

Astonished Cards accepts a different range of files including GIF, PNG, PDF and JPEG. Images need to be at least 300dpi, uncompressed and print-ready PDFs.


My design doesn't look like it fits. What should I do?

When you upload your own personalized design, start off by positioning it to see a clear indication of the 'bleed' area. Make sure that your text and other important information is within the safe area and that the background colour fills the entire bleed area.


How will my printed products look?

When we print your order, Astonishing Cards adopts a digital halftone CMYK printing process. This process uses tiny dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to produce one unique colour. Our offset press mixes these grids of dots at various sizes and distance from each other to create a specific tone of colour.

Light colours use smaller dots for example so the paper automatically lightens the colour. The further apart these dots are, the more visible they will appear when reviewed.


What are Astonishing Cards' Product Templates?

If you don't have your own design, you can use one of Astonishing Cards' pre-designed templates. Although some technical knowledge is needed to use these templates, it is a fairly easy system to use. You are able to save your work in the required format for print.


How do I use my own images?

We understand that images are one of the most commonly used content for the product range at Astonishing Cards, so we have decided to make the process as easy as possible.

Simply use high quality JPEGs in CMYK. If your images aren't in CMYK format, you can still use RGB though CMYK is the preferred format. Images have to be at least 300dpi for the best results.


How do I use the free QR Code?

A Quick Response code is the modern and computer-generated barcode that contains information within it. It is usually used to drive traffic to website URLs, emails and telephone numbers among others. The QR codes are scanned by a smart phone or webcam to retrieve the information hidden within it in a quick and effective manner.

Astonishing Cards can help you create your own QR code with our easy-to-use tool. The tool helps you build your personalized QR code and to add it to your business cards.

Just use our "Design your QR" tool to get the process started and then drag it into position.


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