How to

Basics of Design and Letterheads

A stunning leatherhead can make all the difference in the world and push your brand forward in a world that is full of competition. We are here to help you make the most of your letterhead design by taking into consideration the following aspects as mentioned below into making your letterhead successful.


Keep your letterhead simple

First and foremost, to make your letterhead effective, you need to keep your design as simple as possible. What you need to keep in mind is that the letterhead itself does not deliver information but the content on it does. It is best to keep it simple whilst looking great so you can add content to it later.


We use the right software for your letterhead

Sometimes it just makes perfect sense to use a design tool such as Photoshop to create and design your letterhead but you should not limit yourself to just this tool. There are other design tools that come to mind that can seal the deal including InDesign and Illustrator, which offer more options and bigger control on typography and vectors so you can easily draw in the elements and position accordingly.


The importance of hierarchy

One of the messages that you are trying to convey with your letterhead is essential information such as the name of your company, the address, telephone number, email and fax details. You need to make sure that these are structured in a matter of importance so the company name should be on top. It sounds quite obvious, but we have come across many disastrous examples in the past.


Represent the medium and brand

Since paper is quickly becoming a commodity in the digital era, many letterhead designs will only see a printer when using a Microsoft Word or its equivalent. You need to think ahead of how your letterhead will be used and the type of printer it will be used with. Additionally, your letterhead should represent your brand when designing the letterhead. We are not just talking about the logo but also the colour scheme, the font used, imagery and so much more.


Add a touch of zing

Since we print out letterheads professionally, you can rest assured that we will add special effects the way you want them to make your design stand out. We can add embossing, debossing, foil blocking or die-cutting to make your letterhead impressive.

The same applies to the use of colour. Colour is a great way to attract attention to your design or to specific areas within your letterhead. You can communicate emotions or other ideas as well as to reinforce your branding via the use of colours.


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